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2nd Annual TAFFNY Film Festival Scheduled for June 22-25

January 2, 2015 | City College

The Americas Film Festival of New York (TAFFNY), presented by The City College of New York’s Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education, will be held June 22-25, 2015. Today, the festival announced a call for submissions for feature films, documentaries, shorts and animations that represent the rich diversity of cultures, languages and stories of the Americas.

After Hurricane Sandy, climate scientists and architects explore how to co-exist with rising tides

January 1, 2015 | The University

After the wind, rain and waves of Hurricane Sandy subsided, many of the modest homes in the Chelsea Heights section of Atlantic City, New Jersey, were filled to their windows with murky water. Residents returned to find roads inundated by the storm surge. Some maneuvered through the streets by boat. This mode of transport could become more common in neighborhoods like Chelsea Heights as coastal planners rethink how to cope with the increasing risk of hurricane-induced flooding over the coming decades. Rather than seeking to defend buildings and infrastructure from storm surges, a team of architects and climate scientists is exploring a new vision, with an emphasis on living with rising waters. “Every house will be a waterfront house,” said Princeton Associate Professor of Architecture Paul Lewis. “We’re trying to find a way that canals can work their way through and connect each house, so that kayaks and other small boats are able to navigate through the water.”

Top of the Class: Adversity, the Mother of Success

January 1, 2015 | Salute to Scholars, The University

Sheryll Pang is no stranger to hardship, but it’s adversity that has driven her to succeed.

Pang, 25 years old, says that at 16 her abusive stepfather kicked her out of their house. And three years later, she became a single mother.
“I was told I was stupid and that I’d never amount to anything,” she says. “I really didn’t think I would be able to go to college. I did not believe I had the mental capacity.

The Idea Of Being ‘ENOUGH’

January 1, 2015 | Salute to Scholars, The University

As a child, Donna Masini read and wrote poetry but never thought becoming a writer was in the cards. But now she has published two books of poems: That Kind of Danger, which won the Barnard Women Poet’s Prize, and Turning to Fiction.

Lessons in Leadership: What’s It All About? –‘It’s About Creating Opportunity’

January 1, 2015 | Salute to Scholars, The University

Elizabeth Butson knows what really matters and it’s not money. “It’s all about making a difference in the lives of others,” says the philanthropist. Butson, a former Philip Morris International advertising executive, reporter for Time/Life magazine and local newspaper publisher, spent her early life making opportunities for herself. Now she creates them for others.

Education Start-Up: Five CUNY Colleges Training City’s Pre-K Teachers

January 1, 2015 | Salute to Scholars, The University

When Sherry Cleary was in “nursery school,” years ago, a one-sentence progress report came home. It said: “Sherry hates worms.” She still does. Nevertheless, within minutes Cleary can devise a prekindergarten curriculum using worms to teach arithmetic, storytelling, basic science and more.

Global Nature: Back to Her First Love

January 1, 2015 | Salute to Scholars, The University

When Isabella Rossellini was a girl growing up in Italy in the mid-1960s, her father bought her a copy of King Solomon’s Ring, a famous book about animal behavior by Konrad Lorenz, an Austrian zoologist who later won a Nobel Prize and may have been the world’s first animal whisperer.

Jue Yang Takes on New Role as the J-School’s First Technologist-in-Residence

December 29, 2014 | CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Jue will work with faculty and students on class projects that lie at the intersection of journalism and technology, helping them to develop new digital products and services.

Study Unveils New Half-Light Half-Matter Quantum Particles

December 29, 2014 | City College

Prospects of developing computing and communication technologies based on quantum properties of light and matter may have taken a major step forward thanks to research by City College of New York physicists led by Dr. Vinod Menon.

Forty Years After Playing the First-Ever Women’s Basketball Game at Madison Square Garden, Queens College and Immaculata Return for a Rematch on January 4, 2015

December 29, 2014 | Queens College

Nearly 40 years after the first-ever women’s basketball game pitted Queens College against Immaculata, these teams will see each other in court—at world-famous Madison Square Garden.

CCNY Experts to Address NYU/Harvard Conference in Italy

December 26, 2014 | City College

Elena Romero and Grace Aneiza Ali, adjuncts in The City College of New York’s Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education (CWE), will speak at the Black Portraiture[s] II: Imaging the Black Body and Re-Staging Histories conference in Florence, Italy, May 28-31, 2015. It will be the sixth in a series of conferences staged by New York University and Harvard’s Hutchins Center for African and African American Research.

Clips of the Week

December 23, 2014 | CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

<img width="150" height="150" src="×150.jpg" class="attachment-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="Clips of the Week" title="Clips of the Week" style="float:right;" />Check out our latest links – including Rosie Goldensohn and Rachael Levy’s story for The Nation about a Tennessee law that criminalizes drug users who give birth.

The New York Times—Story About the Challenge of Teaching in Community Colleges

December 23, 2014 | LaGuardia Community College

The New York Times article discusses Eduardo Vianna’s teaching practices and the obstacles he faces as a professor, as well as the obstacles students face when engaging in a class room setting.