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Help for Haiti: Counseling, Fundraising, Food and Clothing Drives

January 20, 2010 | Posts

Counseling, fundraising, and food and clothing drives are among the activities reported today from the colleges of the City University of New York in support of earthquake-devastated Haiti. Here are some of the ways students and staff are reaching out to Haiti and the Haitian community in New York City.

Student leaders from the Model United Nations program at Queens College are organizing a canned food and clothing donation drive and will be setting up collection boxes in key locations around the campus.  Arrangements are being made with the Haitian Consulate of New York City to accept these donations.   Emanuel Avila,  the college’s Coordinator of Judicial Affairs and Service Learning, is working with students to prepare and circulate flyers, e-mails and website postings with information on how the college community can help with disaster relief.

Kingsborough Community College has mobilized its Student Services Personal Counseling Office to serve the approximately 1,000 Kingsborough students who are Haitian or of Haitian descent as well as faculty and staff who have family and friends in Haiti. Those services include: an increased number of counselors on staff in coming days who will be available to meet with students, faculty and staff; a continued presence near the college cafeteria to provide relevant literature on coping with tragedy and to direct students and staff to counseling services; information posted on the college website related to grief, trauma, and coping with tragedy; group support sessions; and consultant services to staff and faculty for assistance in talking to students about this situation.  College student groups are also preparing to conduct drives for contributions of food and clothing.

The Office of Diversity and Equity Programs at Brooklyn College is collecting supplies to be donated to the doctors and health workers of  Nova Hope for Haiti which is  scheduled to fly down to the stricken island this weekend.  To help survivors, cash donations may be deposited to the Brooklyn College Disaster Relief Fund, located in Central Depository, Room 302, Student Center. Funds will be remitted to the American Red Cross for Haiti.

Counseling at Medgar Evers College is being provided by staff counselors and local clergy. Room S-307 remains dedicated to serving as the campus’ information hub for the events in Haiti. The  college’s “18 Mai Committee,” an organization whose mission is to support and strengthen Haitian immigrant lives in America, is working with the Office of the President, the Student Affairs, and Development offices to help collect donations.

The committee, a member of the Consortium of Haitian Empowerment, is collecting donations for on-the-ground organizations such as Red Cross Haiti, The Rotary Club, and Food for the Poor.

York College’s homepage has a banner as well as a link directing visitors to the website’s page dedicated to Haiti, http://www.york.cuny.edu/news/haiti. The page will keep visitors updated with information about support services from the College and CUNY, listings of charitable organizations accepting donations, the latest news as well as links to friends and fans on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The College’s Haitian Club is also engaged in this ongoing effort.