Disaster Relief Efforts



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Support for Students

We are very concerned about students who may be affected by the recent earthquake disaster in Haiti. We want to make sure that students who are facing difficulties because of this situation are aware that there are resources on CUNY’s campuses to assist them.

Personal and Grief Counseling

Students who are in need of personal or grief counseling should contact the counseling offices on their campus by accessing the following link: http://www.cuny.edu/administration/sa/services/counseling/campus-centers.html

In addition, the clinical psychology program at City College is offering counseling services to students during this crisis, see link below.

Immigration Issues for International Students

We are currently meeting with and assessing the needs of CUNY International Students in light of the Haiti tragedy. For immediate assistance, affected students can seek assistance by contacting their campus International Student Advisor, the campus financial aid office, or the University Office of International Student and Scholar Services at 212-652-2080.

Undocumented Students

Temporary Protection Status for Undocumented Haitians
President Barack Obama has granted temporary protection status to Haitians who are in this country illegally, allowing them to remain for 18 months. The policy will allow undocumented Haitians to continue working here and support their families back home. Undocumented students in need of assistance can contact the CUNY Citizenship and Immigration Project at http://www.cuny.edu/citizenshipnow.

Financial Aid

CUNY campuses will work closely with students whose enrollment status may be jeopardized due to change in their financial status, emergency family issues, etc. Concerned students should speak to their advisors in the campus financial aid office about their specific situation.