Chancellor James B. Milliken

Chancellor James B. Milliken

Appointed to start on June 1, 2014, James B. Milliken serves as Chancellor of The City University of New York. »

Joint Statement by The State University of New York Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher, The City University of New York Interim Chancellor William P. Kelly, and the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities President Laura L. Anglin on the New York State Common Core Standards-Aligned Test Results

August 9, 2013 | Uncategorized

We are proud that New York State is leading the country in embracing the high standards represented by the Common Core. As leaders of the higher education systems in New York, we applaud the State Education Department for its leadership and commend New York State school leaders, teachers, and staff who have devoted their time and expertise to implementation.

The new standards are aimed at helping all students be fully prepared for college and the workforce when they graduate from high school. We know firsthand that students’ academic proficiency is essential to their long-term success and the well-being of our state.

The first test scores aligned with these rigorous standards represent the state’s strong commitment to aiming higher and should be viewed as baseline data from which we can move forward. They are a signal of our collective commitment to take on the challenge of preparing all students to compete effectively in the global marketplace of ideas and careers.

This challenge will not be met in one day or one year. Achieving college readiness is a cumulative process, requiring ongoing determination. We look forward to the day when high school graduates in pursuit of a college education have had the full benefit of the new standards. Over time, higher standards will significantly benefit our students, and our state’s competitiveness.  Rigorous preparation must remain a statewide priority.

We will continue to work with our state’s elementary and secondary school colleagues and partners in their ongoing efforts to achieve these important goals.