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Marvin Antonowsky donates $2.5 Million to Baruch for Its Performing Arts Complex

September 28, 2004 | Philanthropy at CUNY

A pledge of $2.5 million from Marvin Antonowsky was announced in October 2004 in support of the new and expanded Baruch Performing Arts Center in the Vertical Campus, which will be named the Marvin Antonowsky Performing Arts Complex.

“I’m delighted to lend my name to a first-rate arts center at a college that’s home to the nation’s largest business school,” said Antonowsky. “My career has flourished by being able to bring good business sense to the production of culture and entertainment, and Baruch is the institution that launched me on this road. I hope the Antonowsky Performing Arts Complex will enable today’s students to pursue a love of theater and music as they learn to make their living and to realize the two ends are not mutually exclusive.”

Mr. Antonowsky has had a long and distinguished career in entertainment and marketing. He held senior positions at ABC, NBC, Universal Studios, MCA/Universal, where he was named President of of Marketing, Tri-Star, and Columbia Pictures, where he served as Executive Vice President and Assistant to the Chairman and worked on many well received pictures including “Prince of Tides,” My Girl,” “Radio Flyer,” and “Sleepwalkers”. In 1993 he went with Columbia chair Frank Price to help form and manage Price Entertainment. His projects there included “A Bronx Tale,” “Shadowlands,” and “Circle of Friends.”

Marvin Antonowsky received his BBA in 1947 from City College School of Business and Civic Administration, which in 1953 became Baruch College, and took his MS in 1952. Read more