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Students Give CUNY Support an A+

February 19, 2010 | Campaign News

“As a student who had to transfer to CUNY from a private university due to lack of financial resources, I know firsthand of the crippling effects of unmet financial needs. Being a scholarship recipient has changed my life: It alleviated my constant worries of how my tuition was going to be paid and created space for me to expand my education to become a well-rounded individual.”
Jay-Sheree Allen
The City College of New York, New York Life Undergraduate Scholar
BS Psychology / Pre-Medical Studies

“By not having to work to supplement the payment of my college education, I had the time to volunteer, intern, attend conferences, workshops, and roundtables and be part of both graduate and career preparatory programs.”
Nadine Alexander
Brooklyn College, Presidential Scholar
Health and Nutrition major

“The Colin Powell Fellowship is a launch-pad for students interested in public service, and it has opened up doors for me that are not easily opened. As a Powell fellow, I am constantly exposed to new and challenging opportunities. The Center allows students from diverse academic backgrounds to work and learn from each other in a way that is unique to City College. The Center pushes me to explore the limits of my potential. And that’s a good thing!”
Don Gomez
Truman Scholar, Colin Powell Leadership Fellow, Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished American War Veterans Military Scholar
The City College of New York
International Studies major, Middle Eastern Studies concentration

“Many good things have happened at Hostos for me. Along the way, I have met great individuals who I consider to be mentors, friends and family. I was glad to represent Hostos at the CUNY Celebrating Our Partners reception where I was able to thank the “real people” behind the funds and scholarships that support my hard work at Hostos and the hard work of many other students like me attending CUNY.”
Maria Delgado
Bronx CUNY Scholarship winner
Hostos Community College
Nursing major