Internship: Television Production Assistant

September 9th, 2011

Intern for Transit Transit News Magazine

Why get coffee and answer phones for the networks when you can get real hands on experience in TV production and as a writer with us?

Transit Transit News Magazine is a half hour television show that is broadcast and Cablecast into
22 million homes in the New York Tri-State Area.

Internship Title: Production Assistant

Project Description: Field production in camera operation, lighting and sound. Videotape editing for both in-house and public presentations. Working with staff in pre-production, shooting and post production. Completing assigned projects according to deadlines which vary for each project.

Qualifying Criteria: Must be a full-time matriculated junior, senior or graduate student, majoring in broadcast journalism or television production. Must have good verbal and communication skills. G.P.A. 2.5 or above for (undergraduate) and 3.0 or above for (graduate).

Please send or fax resume and/or tape ASAP to:

Mr. Winston Mitchell
Transit Transit News Magazine
130 Livingston Street. 10056C Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: (718) 694-3418 / Fax: (718) 694-3343

Major(s) Preferred: Must be a full-time matriculated junior, senior or graduate student, majoring in broadcast journalism, television/video/film production, and have good verbal and communication skills.

Overview of Dept/Division: We are an Emmy Award winning show and the number #1 government television program in the country. We can be seen in 22 million homes per week. In-fact Transit Transit News Magazine can be seen everyday on 30 cable stations in the New York Tri-state area (including Cablevision & Time Warner), and is broadcast on WNYE-TV Ch. 25 the local PBS station every Saturday at 3:30 pm. We feature interesting places, things to do, history, science and mass transit issues and employee communications.

Responsibilities: Broadcast scriptwriting, news writing and video production. Prospective interns should have the ability to tell a story. Should be able to keep deadlines and establish a team work environment. Must be able to research and develop stories ideas in field locations.

Special Qualifications or Background Needed: Must commit a minimum of 14 hours per week (two full days 9-5). Familiarity with video cameras, Betacam, ENG/EFP equipment and videotape editing helpful.

Students must pre-interview with News Dir. send or fax resume and/or tape:
Equal Employment Opportunity

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