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Visiting Student Sayali Sohoni Finds Inspiration in CLRN

June 30, 2009

Sayali Sohoni was born and raised in Pune, India. Conscious of the disparities in accessing justice that exist in India, Sayali decided pursue a career in law, enrolling in Symbiosis Law School located in Pune. Sayali was introduced to CLRN Director Fred Rooney while he worked on the development of an access to justice initiative at Symbiosis Law. Sayali eventually began working as Fred’s administrative assistant. Enthralled by issues surrounding access to justice, Sayali helped Fred arrange and coordinate an international seminar on community lawyering. She also worked on an experimental program that provides pro-bono legal services to a rural village in Pirangut, India.

Sayali Sohoni

Sayali traveled to Flushing, Queens to visit CUNY Law’s CLRN initiative. Sayali was excited “to be a part of this noble programme.” She contends that CUNY Law is a “torchbearer” when it comes to spreading access to justice, and its mission should not be “limited to New York only, [it] should spread out to the rest of the United States” as well as “different parts of the world.” Sayali plans to complete law school in India and continue her mission of spreading justice throughout her country.


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