Prof. Bratspies Weighs in on Emerging Trends in Agricultural Research

December 9, 2009

Prof. Rebecca Bratspies recently presented a paper to the Alliance Deputy Executive of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). Her paper proposed a plan for guiding the CGIAR’s “stewardship of genetically modified organisms through all stages of product development, distribution and use.”

Prof. Bratspies’ paper covered: how scientists can deploy the best science and technical solutions in order to further CGIAR’s poverty reduction and food security mission; a framework for developing a strategy for minimizing the risks to farmers, the environment, individual CGIAR Centers and the CGIAR System from adoption of new agricultural technologies; promoting sustainable management by enhancing scientific, technological, and institutional policies surrounding stewardship of CGIAR products; and, developing understanding of public law requirements governing responsible stewardship of transgenics and other regulated technologies.

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