Yogi Patel (’06) and CLRN Incubator Featured in National Law Journal

September 9, 2011

Yogi Patel (’06) was featured in a National Law Journal article highlighting the work of the Community Legal Resource Network’s (CLRN) Incubator for Justice program. CUNY Law’s incubator supports graduates as they work to set up and run solo or small-group practices devoted to serving pressing needs of the poor and disadvantaged in communities that are underserved by lawyers. It trains CLRN members, during an 18-month period, in basic business issues such as billing, record-keeping, technology, bookkeeping and taxes while, at the same time, facilitating Incubator participants’ involvement in larger justice initiatives and in subject-based training in immigration law, labor and employment and other topics that will arise continually as these attorneys build their practices. “With the incubator, I’ve been able to focus on establishing a track record rather than focus too much on money,” Patel said. “I was a little afraid to take the leap on my own, but it really was a no-brainer after hearing about the incubator.”

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