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Supporting CUNY Law Grads in Solo Practice

April 15, 2012

How do I bill clients? Should I hire an employee? How can I market my services?

When lawyers launch their own practice, these kinds of questions can prove the most difficult to address—and they can make the difference in whether a practice succeeds or fails. But these questions are not typically part of a law school’s curriculum, and lawyers who want to start a solo practice are often on their own, struggling to find the answers.

From left: Benjamin Flavin ('09), Michele Lampach ('10), Andrew Lisko ('10), CLRN Director Fred Rooney, Yogi Patel ('06), and Amy Rosa ('06)

From left: Benjamin Flavin (’09), Michele Lampach (’10), Andrew Lisko (’10), CLRN Director Fred Rooney, Yogi Patel (’06), and Amy Rosa (’06)

For the past five years, CUNY Law’s Incubator for Justice—started by the Community Legal Resource Network and the first of its kind in the nation—has been working with recent graduates to help them answer these questions. But the mission of the program reaches beyond helping alumni set up and run their own business: It aims to develop lawyers who successfully serve low-income communities that lack access to legal representation.

Sixteen participants have already completed the 18-month program and launched their own practices or organizations. Nine more are currently working in the Incubator for Justice, learning important business practices and establishing themselves in their communities. In the stories below, you’ll meet a few of these alumni who are branching out on their own but not going it alone.


Helping Small Businesses Succeed: Yogi Patel (’06)

When clients visit Yogi Patel (’06), they’re treated to a view of the Flatiron Building from the conference room.




Launching A New Practice: Rosanna Roizin (’08)

Rosanna Roizin (’08) had only to look at her own life to find inspiration for starting a small law practice.




Defending People In Need: Andrew Lisko (’10)
Andrew Lisko (’10) had been pulling some late hours at the Law Office of Andrew Lisko, working on a client’s felony DWI case, when the judge declared a mistrial. The arresting officer had to take bereavement leave because his mother had died.



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