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February 5, 2019

The National Jurist’s Winter 2019 Rankings Report places CUNY Law at the top of the largest ever “honor roll” for law school diversity.


“Topping our list is City University of New York School of Law. Nearly half of its students are minorities. More than one-third of its faculty is diverse. Part of CUNY Law’s mission is to help diversify the legal profession, said Ann Cammett, senior associate dean of academic affairs for the Long Island City school, which is known for its commitment to public interest.”


“Our legal system should represent all of the people, to give them all a voice. If you don’t have this diversity, you create an illegitimate system.”

– Ann Cammett, Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs 



The feature reports that student diversity has increased significantly since 1980, even as law schools experienced application slumps five and six years ago. In an effort to track progress, The National Jurist has assessed and graded law schools for diversity every other year since 2013. 2019 was the largest class of schools that made its top list, which is determined by “evaluating the percentage of minority faculty members and the percentage of students in five racial groups and comparing those to national averages.”


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