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CUNY Joins the International Federation of Library Associations

October 14, 2009 | News

In September 2009, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) welcomed Curtis Kendrick, university librarian and head of the Office of Library Services, as its newest member.

Angela Sidman Joins the Office of Library Services

September 2, 2009 | News

Angela Sidman has joined the staff of the Office of Library Services (OLS) as Electronic Resources Systems Librarian.

New on Digital Murray Hill: Virtual Architectural Tour of the Morgan Library

July 16, 2009 | News

The newest installation on Digital Murray Hill bundles scholarship, images and high-tech web design to create a spectacular overview of the Morgan Library’s history.

Distinguished Visitors: Dutch Librarians Visit CUNY

July 16, 2009 | News

The recent conference of the Special Libraries Association attracted delegates to New York from all over the world. A contingent from the University of Amsterdam decided to take advantage of their trip to see how their counterparts at CUNY go about their business. Thus, on June 19th, after being welcomed by University Librarian Curtis Kendrick […]

Havana Welcomes Book Donations from Lehman College

July 16, 2009 | News

A group of American and Cuban librarians are showing that goodwill and a shared sense of purpose can prevail over international politics. Working with a consortium of North American libraries, Lehman College Chief Librarian Kenneth Schlesinger has launched the Cuba Book Project, which aims to restock the shelves of Cuba’s libraries. While Castro’s government has […]

Watching What We Eat: John Jay Librarian Kathleen Collins Book A Hit

June 29, 2009 | News

a cultural history of food shows on TV, came to Kathleen Collins in a flash of inspiration. Getting the book to see the light of day took her nearly a decade.

Professor Stephanie Walker appointed Chief Librarian at Brooklyn College

June 29, 2009 | Announcements

Stephanie joined the Brooklyn College Library faculty as Associate Librarian for Information Services in August 2006, and has served as the Acting Chief Librarian since February 2008. To the position, she brings an equally strong mix of leadership

Open Access

June 29, 2009 | Textbook Affordability

The Internet has revolutionized the way we access the news, read books and listen to music. Now digital technology is changing academic publishing.

Chats with the University Librarian

June 8, 2009 | Textbook Affordability

“What Google Books Deal Means for Libraries” is the first in a series of chats with Curtis Kendrick, CUNY University Librarian, on a wide variety of topics affecting libraries, CUNY and the community at large. Since Curtis took office in 2004, he has been committed to improving access to information through exchange of ideas and resources among CUNY faculty and the library, within departments, and with other NYC educational and cultural organizations. In the same spirit of exchange, this column encourages dialogue among all of these communities. We invite our readers’ responses.

The Economist Historical Archive

June 2, 2009 | Announcements

The Economist Historical Archive contains every issue of the Economist published from 1843 to 2003, only it’s more than a backlog of issues from the global newsweekly.