New State Library Launches Lifelines Website

June 2, 2010 | News

Are your libraries short-staffed but facing high demand for current resources in health, employment, and information technology? A new State Library website called Information Lifelines ( provides access to library and statewide e-resources to help patrons access online support services.

The Lifelines website helps New Yorkers find high quality and relevant information for key services. For library staff the site is a supporting resource in a time of personnel cutbacks and library closures.  The site can be purposed as a teaching tool for libraries in working with special populations and help build confidence in navigating the Internet. The site links to outreach pages within the State Library and many external resources that New Yorkers may want to consult to cope with a challenging economy.

 The Lifelines site supports civic engagement in a digital world and provides a reason for using broadband as a tool for daily living.  Resources for families and children, older adults, veterans, career support, and municipal services, such as the temporary disability benefit screening, have been rolled into one-click web tool for information discovery.

Visit the Information Lifelines  ( ) site and send your comments and suggestions for developing this resource to Elizabeth Carrature, the Division of Library Development, The New York State Library, by email:   or by phone: 518-486-2888.