©opyright @ CUNY

August 26, 2010 | News

Somewhere along the way, students and educators will confront the question of copyright. They will need to know when republishing material that floats freely in the digital space constitutes “fair use” or violates copyright law. To help them make informed decisions, CUNY has developed a new site called ©opyright @ CUNY.  (http://www.cuny.edu/libraries/services/copyright.html).

The new copyright site provides thoughtful, plain-English information about copyright standards and tutorials on fair use.  It includes a section for librarians that addresses typical copyright questions that CUNY librarians entertain regularly. The site is the brainchild of the CUNY Office of the General Counsel and the Council of Chief Librarians, who convened a copyright task force in 2008 to update the existing Copyright Guidelines for CUNY Libraries and created a process for the continuous review of the Guidelines.

In 2010 a new copyright task force was formed to promote copyright awareness among CUNY faculty, students and administrators, chiefly through the ©opyright @ CUNY website. The group will keep abreast of copyright issues that affect higher education and make policy recommendations regarding copyright and CUNY Libraries. The committee is chaired by Kathleen Collins (JJ) with members Hannah Alcasid (Hunter), Rhonda Johnson (Hostos), Julie Lim (Law), Sheila Beck (QBCC), Irene Gashurov (OLS) and Jane Davis (CO).