Kurt R. Schmeller Library Receives Senator Frank Padavan’s Archive

June 22, 2012 | News

Senator Frank Padavan was honored on June 18 for donating his legislative papers to Queensborough Community College’s Kurt R. Schmeller Library.

Padavan, who served District 11 in northeastern Queens, bequeathed his legislative documents, Senate bills, photographs and other memorabilia that span his 38-year career. For the dedication ceremony, the library displayed photographs and memorabilia of the senator’s career. Among them was an image of the senator in the New York State Senate in Albany, where groundbreaking 1978 legislation was established that made it easier to open community-based group homes for the mentally ill.

“He is history for many people. But for us, he is a very special partner,” said Diane B. Call, interim president of the college. “He achieved incredible things on behalf of the people of New York State.”

Professor Jeanne Galvin, the QCC chief librarian, praised Padavan for providing scholarship with a unique historical perspective on New York City’s history. “Now when students want to examine an issue, we can give them the papers to see what happened.”

Padavan echoed Galvin’s message in his speech. “Now someone might be doing research about the City of New York and its fiscal crisis or how we moved some 80,000 people from state institutions into the community. All of that will be there for them to look at.”

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