Leonard Lief Library Endorses Open Access

August 30, 2012 | News

Honoring the actions of our sister campuses of Brooklyn College, City Tech, and CUNY Graduate Center – the Leonard Lief Library faculty at Lehman College unanimously endorsed this Statement on August 27, 2012:

Leonard Lief Library faculty is committed to disseminating research and scholarship as widely as possible.  We believe that Open Access to scholarship is critical for scholarly communication and the future of libraries.  Further, we assert this is central to CUNY’s mission of public education.

We acknowledge that Open Access publishing accrues value for a work. Accordingly, we advocate making our own research freely available whenever possible by seeking publishers who offer Open Access publishing or self-archiving options.

When necessary and when possible, we will attempt to negotiate with publishers to improve Open Access terms.  If feasible, we will deposit our publications in a CUNY institutional repository.

Moreover, we will further support Open Access by contributing our reviewing and editing efforts to manuscripts destined for this format.

This Statement is adapted from the Gustavus Adolphus Library Faculty Open Access Pledge [http://gustavus.edu/library/Pubs/OApledge.html] and Statements passed by other CUNY colleges.

I’d like to acknowledge Lehman’s Head of Reference Madeline Cohen for spearheading this effort.

In the true spirit of Open Access – you are welcome to adapt Lehman’s text for your needs.

Kenneth Schlesinger

Chief Librarian

Lehman College