By the Books

November 20, 2012 | News

“Teresa McManus, BCC’s chief librarian, is enthusiastic that the building she’s been working on for several years is now a reality.

“This beautiful library with its hub of activity is a priceless treasure for Bronx Community College and the City University of New York and for current and future students,” she said in an email. “The environment is designed to accommodate student needs for access to information and learning resources in multimedia as well as print formats for research and to complete assignments. The library provides access to 21st Century intellectual products and learning tools, for example with delivering access to multimedia educational resources 24/7 from any location, as well as e-books supplementing print and web delivered collections of research and scholarship.”

COVER STORY: By the Books<> New Bronx CC Library Blends Digital with Traditional (story published in Community College Week, November 12, 2012 issue)