Curtis Kendrick to Speak at Two Conferences Next Week

April 5, 2013 | News

Society for College and University Planners Conference (April 7-9, 2013)

Curtis Kendrick, University Dean for Libraries and Information Resources at CUNY, will speak at the Society for College and University Planners Conference next week on the libraries and learning environment for the digital age.

The conference, “Academic Relevance—Is Higher Education Still the Gateway for Opportunity in America?” at Georgetown University in DC, is designed as working sessions for higher education leaders who are responsible for, or involved in, the integration of planning on their campuses and for the professionals who support them.

Dean Kendrick will present in the session called “Next Generation Student Learning Centers,” which examines the role of academic learning centers in strengthening students’ aptitudes in problem-solving, collaboration, and communication.  The next generation will face a world that is the most complex, dynamic, and fast-moving in history.  According to a survey of 500 senior managers and C-suite executives, recent college graduates are unprepared to meet these 21st-century demands. Drawing upon this research, the session will explore how libraries and learning environments can be recast for the digital age by reconsidering their function, the spaces devoted to them, and their role as “gateways of opportunity.”  The panel will also explore strategies for re-imagined student learning center spaces, with content, technology, environment, and services that respond directly to the needs of digitally savvy millennials; and discuss innovative spatial solutions for collaborative learning within the context of repurposing an existing building.

The panel will feature other participants, including:  Jeffrey Holmes (Principal, Woods Bagot Architects); Jeffrey Pollock (President, Global Strategy Group); and Steven J. Orlansky ( Associate Principal, Newman Architects, PC).

Association of College and Research Libraries Conference (April 10-13, 2013)

Later that week, Curtis Kendrick will speak at Association of College and Research Libraries Conference, in Indianapolis, on “Collaborating for College Readiness: Curriculum Reform as Opportunity for Innovative Partnership.”

The panel will focus on“high school to college” transition issues and the new community of practice model that addresses barriers to college success. Panelists will also discuss Common Core school reform and share viewpoints on college readiness that have emerged from a pilot project that brought together college and school librarians, professors, and teachers across three disciplines for discussion, relationship building, and collaborative curricular revision.

Presenters include CUNY and New York City school librarians: Robert Farrell  (Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Information Literacy & Assessment, Lehman College, CUNY);  Meghann Walk (Library Director and social studies professor, Bard High School Early College); and Leann Ellis (Coordinator, Office of Library Services, the New York City Department of Education).