QCC Library Endorses Open Access

May 17, 2013 | News

For several years some academics, including a number of academic librarians, have been voicing support for open access to research and scholarship. Open access means that those who create scholarly work should be able to share their work with other scholars. This can be enabled by academic institutions and disciplines creating and maintaining repositories where scholarly work can be stored online in an accessible format.  

In CUNY our University Faculty Senate has passed resolutions in support of open access and a CUNY Institutional Repository. This year several CUNY libraries have made statements of support for open access policies. On April 3 the faculty of the Library joined our colleagues at other CUNY libraries and passed the following resolution:

QCC Library Open Access Policy

The faculty of the Kurt R. Schmeller Library at Queensborough Community College is committed to disseminating research and scholarship as widely as possible. We believe that Open Access to scholarship is critical for scholarly communication and the future of libraries. Further, we assert this is central to CUNY’s mission of public education.

We acknowledge that Open Access publishing accrues value for a work. Accordingly, we advocate making our own research freely available whenever possible by seeking publishers who offer  Open Access publishing or self-archiving options.

When necessary and when possible, we will attempt to negotiate with publishers to improve Open Access terms. If feasible, we will deposit our publications in a CUNY institutional repository or a discipline specific repository.

Moreover, we will further support Open Access by contributing our reviewing and editing efforts to manuscripts destined for this format.

Passed unanimously by the Faculty of the Library, Queensborough Community College, April 3, 2013.

–Professor Jeanne Galvin, Chief Librarian