The Library Scene

May 17, 2013 | News from Campus Libraries

The spring 2013 issue of The Library Scene, the newsletter of the Kurt R. Schmeller Library, is now available at following link:

We’re particularly excited about our new feature, “Student Voices,” which showcases student poetry selected by a panel in a competitive process. This feature includes embedded audio of the author reading her poem, and continues the tradition of multimedia elements begun with our fall 2012 issue, which also included embedded audio and video. The PDF needs to be open in Adobe Reader (rather than a browser window) for the embedded audio to play. You can also listen to the poem at SoundCloud.

Other articles in this issue include:

  • QCC Library Faculty Endorses Open Access
  • Making History: Honors Students Visit QCC Archives
  • Free people Read Freely
  • Muslim Journeys Programs
  • Cloud Storage
  • First Year QCC Student Publishes Book
  • And more . . .