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October 22, 2007 | General

At the 2007 CUNY Undergraduate Journalism, Broadcast and New Media Conference and Career Fair, Dr. Garrie Moore, vice chancellor of student development for the CUNY system, announced several new or developing measures that will help to improve the lives of all CUNY students.

According to the CUNY Web site, Moore is working on a “broad range of activities to enhance student life on the college campus” that includes “developing educational programs that support student matriculation within the CUNY system and beyond.” His dedication to improving CUNY is part of a long-standing commitment to bettering the lives of all students.

Before arriving at CUNY, Moore’s career included working as senior vice chancellor at East Carolina University, and as dean of students at Pitt Community College, both of which are in North Carolina. In each of these facilities, Moore was continually working for the interests of his students, helping them make the most of their college experience.

His vision for student life at CUNY incorporates many new programs and initiatives. First, Moore hopes to provide students with an opportunity to showcase and hone their leadership skills. This involves the creation of the CUNY Leadership Academy. As Moore noted at the conference, its goal is to help students “learn about leadership” and become “world-class leaders.”

The Academy comes after the creation of the Emerging Student Leadership Program. According to the 2004-2008 Master Plan, this program includes “workshops, information and presentations designed for students representing each campus who demonstrate leadership potential and a desire to improve their leadership skills.” The Master Plan also details the University’s Institute for Virtual Enterprise, which provides students with the opportunity to expand their skills as leaders by “form[ing] partnerships with students and work[ing] in virtual firms to develop technology solutions for business.”

A second announced program is a system-wide co-curricular transcript which, according to CUNY’s 2007-2008 Budget Request, will “document out-of-classroom experiences.”

Moore says that this will be a shareable, electronic device that will “add value to a student’s academic degree.” For Moore, it is important that students realize the value and quality of their CUNY education.

In light of what he termed the “national crisis” for all students in society, Moore is also working to provide students with a “safe environment to share concerns and issues.”

According to Moore’s testimony before the City Council Committee on Higher Education, on Sept. 26, the University was already increasing its counseling staff before the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Currently, Moore is continuing to broaden the psychological help services of the University in order to give help to all students who desire it.

Another initiative mentioned is the creation of more residence halls in addition to the ones currently used by Hunter College. At the conference, Moore noted it is important to provide students with a “learning community” and a “full college experience.” He believes that this will be an opportunity for students to gain “leadership and civic skills.”

Many of Moore’s projects are already in the implementation stages. Those that are just burgeoning ideas are preparing to take their first steps toward reality.

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By:  Rebecca Forbes

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