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Honing Future Leaders (pg. 4) — CUNY Matters

June 30, 2008 | General

ANTWAUN GAVINS is a young African-American male, child of a single mom, and brother to 10 siblings also trying to succeed in a sometimes difficult city. A junior at John Jay College, Gavins, 20, looks forward to earning his bachelor’s degree and then attending law school. But he wants more than that. He wants to be a leader.News

Leadership, Gavins and others say, is a quality that colleges must teach if they are going to be true training grounds for success.

Pushing that point of view has been Vice Chancellor Garrie W. Moore, who is now achieving his long-held goal of setting up a University-wide Leadership Academy. The Academy, Dr. Moore says, will transform the concept of higher education even as it offers practical methods for strengthening resumes and climbing organizational ladders. It will offer-through courses, student organizations and international conferences-the experience

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