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LaGuardia Sudent Profile: Danielle Garrett: Developing as a Leader and a Scholar — Student News – LaGuardia Community College

May 9, 2009 | General

NewsWith my second year of college coming to a close, I can look ahead of me and see a flourishing career, which began here at LaGuardia Community College. It has been an enlightening experience since day one, and it keeps getting better. Before starting my first class, I attended the Opening Sessions, where I saw familiar faces, met future teachers and attended an introduction to the Leadership & Diversity Program sponsored and run by the Office of Student Life.

Having been an active member of various clubs, committees and volunteer projects during high school, I was instantly drawn to the information and style of the workshop leaders and the organization. By the end of my first semester I had attended all of the Leadership and Diversity workshops. I learned my style of leadership and the ways of understanding leaders across the board, and I learned it all through popping balloons and talking in a circle; not your average learning environment.

In the semesters that followed, after completing the program, I came back and co-led two workshops. When I was nominated as a candidate for the CUNY Leadership Academy, I was both thrilled and proud that out of hundreds of applicants, I became the sole representative of LaGuardia Community College. The mission of the Academy is to create a program that will benefit students in the New York City area. To help us with our mission, we received Mac Notebooks, for which we paid one dollar! Our community project is coming to close and graduation is around the corner.

I recently attended the National Model of the United Nations with fellow LaGuardia student where we represented the country of Eritrea. The five-day conference was a simulation of the United Nations to help promote education diplomacy and of the procedures of the UN. Because of my activities and networking throughout CUNY, I have been inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, taken a job at the Recreation Department here on campus and in the Aquatics Department at Queens College. I have worked at various school events, including Opening Sessions, which is the start for every student. No matter where you were before college or where you are right now, it doesn’t matter. There are hundreds of opportunities at LaGuardia to receive the most well rounded education possible.

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