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Liliete Lopez — Hostos Community College Student Profile

September 30, 2009 | General

NewsLiliete Lopez was born in Nicaragua on January 16, 1977. She lived in that country for the first thirteen years of her life and then moved to the United States. In her country of origin, Liliete was not allowed to attend school, because she had a disability. Liliete is vision impaired and although she started to get an education later in life than most people, she has had an extraordinary journey, which has allowed her to travel from a world where she had very little to look forward to into a world where every door is now open to her.

Liliete is currently in her last semester at Hostos, studying Liberal Arts, but planning to study Political Science at Lehman or Queens College next semester. She is the former Vice-President and President of the Ability Awareness Club and also a member of the Hostos Leadership Academy’s Student Ambassador Program, since fall of 2007. She is currently an SGA Senator.

Liliete has achieved a great many things in her time here at Hostos; She is a two time participant in the New York State Model Senate Session Project, a chair of a committee on accessibility options as part of the CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities (CCSD) and former Chair of the Committee on Leadership Forums for the Hostos Student Leadership Academy. Liliete has also represented Hostos and CUNY at a variety of conferences including the CUNY Women’s Leadership Conference, SOMOS EL Futuro, The New York Black and Puerto Rican Caucus Conference and the first ever Disability Summit at NYU. Liliete was also the winner of the La Prensa Speech Competition, which led to her being featured in an article in El Diario Newspaper.

Liliete has committed to over 200 hours of community service in her time as a member of the Hostos Student Leadership Academy and she has received more than 100 hours of training in the workshops, forums and training sessions provided by the Leadership Academy. Liliete planned, coordinated and implemented Academy support for a community service outreach activity called “Open Eyes, Open Minds” which was sponsored by the Greater New York Council of the Blind, she was also responsible for an outreach event at the Isabella Nursing Home in Washington Heights, and assisted in implementing another community service event at the Hueman Bookstore in Harlem, where students read aloud to children.
Liliete is the winner of the 2008-2009 Bronx CUNY Scholarship, a 2008 Essay Award winner of for the Model Senate Session Project, The Leadership Academy Service Award Winner for 2008 and a CUNY Leadership Award Winner for 2009.  Liliete is also the second ever representative from Hostos to be a fellow in the CUNY Leadership Academy. Her overall GPA is 3.700.
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