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A Year in the Life of a CUNY Student Leader — The Communicator (BCC)

May 12, 2010

It was the most challenging of times and the most crucial for me. It was the summer of 2007 and I was working a minimum wage job at a local retail store. But it was a time for me to make one of the most crucial decisions of my life: going back to school. I had always known my success in life was a function of how intimate I became with my books and how soon I returned to school to pursue my higher education studies and my dreams of becoming a computer scientist to be reckoned with. Such was the time and thus ran the dreams of my heart and the musings of my intellect.

2010 Phi Theta Kappa Presidential Address by Malave Fellow- Malave Fellow Edgar Romero, Delivers Presidential Address

May 7, 2010

Edgar Romero, a Malave Fellow and the International President of Phi Theta Kappa, delivered his presidential address at the 2010 Phi Theta Kappa Convention in Orlando, Florida to an audience of more than 4000 students.
2010 Phi Theta Kappa Presidential Address by Malave Fellow

NYS DOH Awards a New 5-Year Grant to CUNY/CAT — Newsletter from the Office of the Senior University Dean & Dean of SPS

May 3, 2010

CAT has been awarded one of only two multi-borough contracts from the NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute for a new five-year project that will begin in June. Through Project CHANGE (Community Health Action in Neighborhoods for Growth and Empowerment), CAT will develop, train, and mentor a cohort of CHANGE Agents – student leaders from York and Medgar Evers Colleges – to use drama strategies to advocate for and play a key role in sustained coalition-building for community change. Among the partner organizations are CUNY’s Ernesto Malave Leadership Academy and Office of Public Affairs.
NYS DOH Awards a New 5-Year Grant to CUNY/CAT

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