Student Finds Joy in Creating Art

November 7, 2012 | Student Feature

New York, NY: First-year student Alphajo Jallow started painting three years ago while still living in Gambia, West Africa, as “…a way to communicate my ideas in a beautiful, captivating way.” The self-taught artist continued painting after moving to New York, where he graduated from Eleanor Roosevelt High School.  A friend introduced him to Adarsh Alphons, the owner of ProjectArtStudio in Manhattan. Mr. Alphons offered Alphajo free space and materials to create his artwork.

The young artist “…uses very bright colors to evoke thought in the viewer’s mind to make them ask questions.” His abstract acrylic pieces incorporate discarded objects such as cardboard, tissue paper and other items he finds at home to convey the importance of not wasting materials by utilizing them in a productive way. Moving from Africa to New York has shown Alphajo the contrast between hardship and privilege. In his art he wants to communicate respect, peace and integrity, qualities sometimes lacking in daily life in Gambia.

Alphajo wishes to become a professional artist but does not want to limit himself to art. He came to The New Community College to study business in order to learn how to sell his artwork and to connect with people. He enjoys the college’s small, supportive community that encourages students to discover their own identities. He also looks forward to bringing art to the college by asking fellow students to create artwork to display throughout the building along with some of his own works.

ProjectArtStudio will be presenting its first solo student exhibition featuring Alphajo’s artwork November 9-December 2, 2012, at the Renee Weiler Hall at the Greenwich House Music School, 46 Barrow Street in Manhattan. The opening reception will be held November 9 from 6:00-8:00 pm.

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