Guttman Summer Film Series to Encourage Dialogue

August 1, 2013 | Events

In August Guttman Community College will hold Summer Film Series: Providing Context for Conversations to engage students, faculty and staff in discussion and reflection about topical issues, including race, gender, economics, religion, justice and notions of fame. The film series will be offered on Thursdays from 6:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. when classes are not in session. Featured films to include:

  • White Like Me (8/1/13)
  • ESPN 30-for-30 Broke (8/8/13)
  • National Geographic’s Diamonds of War: Africa’s Blood Diamonds (8/15/13)
  • Religulous (8/22/13)
  • Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Dr. Joy DeGruy (8/29/13)

The film series will encourage beneficial dialogue for students to gain a broader understanding about the world and how they fit into it.

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