Guttman Kicks Off Participation in CUNY Campaign 2013

October 18, 2013 | Advancement

CUNY Campaign small

Guttman Community College officially kicks off its participation in the 2013 CUNY Campaign on October 24 in the Atrium from 12:00-2:00 p.m. The CUNY Campaign for Voluntary Charitable Giving is a long-standing CUNY tradition now in its 30th year and is the University’s annual charitable fundraising drive. It takes place throughout the City University of New York system, providing an opportunity for the entire University to come together and address critical health, human, and environmental challenges facing communities in New York City and the larger society. This year’s campaign theme The Power of One reflects the impact that each person can have by taking a single action. The 2013 campaign runs through December 2.

At a special CUNY Campaign event on September 27, the College received the 2012 CUNY Campaign Goal Buster Award for exceeding its 2012 charitable giving goal. “This is a remarkable achievement for a college that just opened last August with a small staff. Since community service is a core aspect of our educational model, we are very proud to have achieved this goal and look forward to exceeding it once again this year,” noted President Scott E. Evenbeck.

Participating CUNY Campaign charities are vetted to ensure that they are in compliance with a State and Federal laws. Faculty and staff can contribute to a charity(s) of their choice through a payroll deduction, a check or a credit card. Payroll deduction allows donors to select multiple charities conveniently and allocate their deduction as they wish. Over the past 30 years, CUNY faculty and staff have contributed over $12 million to support health, human service, education and environmental charities. The CUNY Campaign is designed to give donors the ability to say where their money goes. If a donor does not designate their gift, it will be divided among all the organizations participating in the campaign, based on the designations they receive. The code 14205 may also be used to divide your gift equally among all participating agencies.

The CUNY Campaign is managed by EarthShare, a national federation of environmental and conservation charities. EarthShare manages many workplace fundraising campaigns, such as the campaign for the New York City based federal employees, the campaign for New York City based state employees and other federal and state campaigns. EarthShare has a strong track record of cost efficiency and fiscal integrity. By agencies joining together in The CUNY Campaign, substantial savings occur for all agencies. Additional information is available at the CUNY website.

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