New Report on Guttman’s Instructional Teams

October 25, 2013 | Academics, Publication, Research

Instructional Teams at Guttman Community College: Building a Learning Community of Students, Faculty, and Staff by Alexandra Weinbaum, Camille Rodríguez and Nan Bauer-Maglin has just been published. This briefing paper examines the instructional team experience during the inaugural year of the college (2012–2013).

A key feature of Guttman Community College’s model is the mandatory full-time first year requiring students to be enrolled in houses (more commonly known as learning communities) and participate in an interdisciplinary curriculum taught by a team of faculty who work with the students throughout the year. In each house, faculty, librarians, and student support staff (Student Success Advocates and Graduate Coordinators) form an instructional team.

The paper describes and discusses the instructional teams at the college, including their purpose, functions, operating norms and culture, supports to students and participants, and faculty and staff assessments of their effectiveness. Read Instructional Teams at Guttman Community College.

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