Guttman Holds First All-College Faculty-Staff Meeting

January 23, 2014 | Events

On January 15 Guttman Community College held its first All-College Faculty-Staff Meeting. The college-wide event kicked off in the Information Commons with a State-of-the-College address by President Scott E. Evenbeck. He praised the faculty and administration’s continued efforts to focus on student learning and success and the importance of building on students’ strengths as they become engaged with Guttman’s city-centered curriculum.Guttman group photo

“High expectations are so important in our work with students.  Our model is a way to operationalize a context for high expectations.  Every one of our students has the potential to graduate.  Each student is ‘college material’ as we provide the context for his or her success.  Our challenge is to continue to refine our model, to strengthen even more our articulation and support of high expectations for each Guttman student,” commented President Evenbeck.

Cass Conrad, Executive Director, CUNY’s Early College Initiative, and Dr. Samona Tait, Principal of Guttman’s Early College High School initiative, which is currently under development, gave a spirited overview of the plans to open the new school in the Inwood section of Manhattan this fall, with support from Microsoft and New York Presbyterian Hospital. Rethinking high school and college together provides a wonderful opportunity to increase student success. “If you plan that all students will transition from high school to college and then graduate, they will,” affirmed Dr. Conrad.


Guttman President Scott E. Evenbeck

Interim CUNY Chancellor William P. Kelly followed with a welcome greeting to all attendees. He praised the remarkable progress the college has made in such a short period and emphasized the importance of increasing college degrees for students needing the most academic assistance. “Our job is to redress the imbalance of the most economically challenged of our students,’ Interim Chancellor Kelly concluded.

The morning’s final presentation focused on using the ePortfolio system across the institution. Professor Laura Gambino explained that ePortfolio is not just a place for students to make their work visible but for everyone at the college to do so as well. As part of Guttman’s mission on continued learning and improvement, Professor Gambino envisions building a culture of ePortfolio where everyone can showcase, articulate and reflect on their work and share it with others, noting that “…we are the only college in the U.S. using ePortfolio at scale for all students and in all classes.”


CUNY Interim Chancellor William P. Kelly

Four concurrent 50-minute sessions followed the presentations: Early College High School Initiative; First Year Experience Steering Committee; Continuing Student Programming; and ePortfolio Workshops. These sessions enabled attendees to explore in more depth issues related to each of the program topics. The All-College Faculty-Staff Meeting concluded with a ceremonial ribbon cutting to open the college’s new science labs on the seventh floor of 50 West 40th Street.

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