Guttman Recognizes Recent Faculty Achievements

February 6, 2014 | Academics, Research

Guttman Community College is proud to recognize the important recent accomplishments of faculty members:

Parviz Kermani, Professor of Information Technology, will be the co-guest editor with Professor John Silvester, the University of Southern California, for the June 2014 issue of Computer Networks journal. Computer Networks is one of the most prestigious publications in the networking community. Contributions from leaders in the communications field and a reprint of one of Professor Kleinrock’s most referenced papers in the field will also be included. This issue will be published in recognition of Professor Leornard Kleirock’s 80th birthday and his contributions to the field of communication networks.

Verlene Herrington, Associate Professor, Chief Librarian and Director of Academic Technology, recently published “The Academic Library: Cowpath or Path to the Future?” in the Journal of Library Innovation. In the Library with a Lead Pipe, an organization focusing on change in libraries, cited her article as noteworthy publication for 2013.

Alia Tyner-Mullings, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Guttman, has authored Enter the Alternative School, an in-depth examination of public school alternatives to traditional educational models. Her book, published February 1 by Paradigm Publishers, analyzes how urban education can respond to a system growing increasingly standardized and privatized.

Katie Wilson, Substitute Instructor of Sociology and Urban Studies at Guttman, has been accepted as a Scientific Thinking and Integrative Reasoning Skills (STIRS) Scholar and will be attending the first meeting with 12 other scholars from around the country in March in Portland, Oregon.

Lori Ungemah, Assistant Professor of English at Guttman, received IRB approval for her research project entitled Communicating College Readiness: A Study to Explore and Bridge the Gaps between High School and Community College.

Karla Smith Fuller, Assistant Professor of Science, submitted an application to the Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education (PULSE) for Guttman to become one of the Pilot Centers for the Vision and Change Initiative.  Guttman was selected to be one of the self-study pilot members.

Tau Battice, Adjunct Lecturer in English at Guttman, will be presenting his photo exhibition, Harlem: I(nF)lux, a portrait of turn-of-the-millennium Harlem, at the Rio II Gallery in New York February 1-28, 2014.  Refaela Luna, former curator of El Museo de Arte Moderno, is the exhibition curator.

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