SGA Holds First Student Town Hall Meeting

February 11, 2014 | Student Event

On February 7, 2014, Guttman Community College’s Student Government Association (SGA) held its first student Town Hall meeting in the Information Commons. The SGA officers convened the meeting to discuss with the student body two important initiatives for feedback and ideas: 1) Creating a mascot for the college ; 2) Generating ideas about the wording on the college seal.


SGA President Alfajo Jallow convenes the first student Town Hall meeting on February 7, 2014.

Linda Merians, Guttman’s Chief of Staff, first discussed the importance of developing a motto to reflect the college’s core values and to accompany the design of its official seal to adorn the diplomas and other official college documents. Dr. Merians informed Town Hall attendees that three words or a phrase can be considered. The Guttman Brand Book presents several possible combinations, one being: commit, collaborate and connect. In thinking about what Guttman means, one student commented that he views Guttman as a family and feels connected to everyone.

Michael Tashji, CUNY Central’s Art and Creative Director, has agreed to work as an advisor to students in designing Guttman’s mascot. Mr. Tashji gave an overview of factors to consider in creating a college mascot, including a color scheme that complements the college’s official logo and the type of animal to select (tame or wild) and what it represents. The SGA is considering a bear and a wolf as possible mascots for the college based on a recent survey to students. First-year student Brian Intravaia presented a detailed drawing of a rather ferocious bear as a possible mascot design. Students then debated the merits of the two mascots being considered for the college while enjoying fruits, cookies and other treats hand-dipped into a chocolate fountain.


First-year student Brian Intravaia presented a detailed drawing of a ferocious bear as a possible mascot design.

“…regardless of which mascot we choose, it would serve us well to look inside of ourselves for what Guttman Community College means to each one of us personally…. When it comes to sports, well, we do not necessarily need sports in order for us to have a mascot for the school. The mascot is the face of our school and will aid in showing others, who question us about Guttman Community College, what we really stand for. Many people know that this college is a brand new school, and for us to have a symbol of what we stand for will show people what we as the students here are all about,” affirmed second-year student Raul Ramirez. The SGA hopes tofinalize the mascot design by early spring 2014.

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