Guttman Students Participate in First-Year Pilot Program with The New York Times

March 26, 2014 | Academics

During the Fall 1, 2013 semester, first-year Guttman students in House Three began working with the New York Times as part of a campus partnership developed in spring 2013. The collaboration allowed students to have full access to daily articles in the Times through  a number of different outlets, including online, email, and social media, and embraced the Times’ mission to explore unique and innovative partnerships with New York City organizations.  Guttman President Scott Evenbeck, former Provost Jose Luis Morin and English Instructor Chet Jordan met with New York Times staff member Thomas Glieden to develop The New York Times in the First Year Pilot Program.

At the end of the fall 2013 semester, the pilot program proved successful. Full access to the online edition of the Times proved valuable to students.  A brief open response survey given to students at the beginning and end of the semester showed an increase of online Times readership from 11% to 31% among Guttman students. The survey also posed questions regarding students’ individual methods of news consumption and their beliefs about their critical thinking and analytical abilities. At the start of the semester 53% of the respondents stated that their main source of news was through television.  Similarly, at the end of the term 47% gave the same response.  While television has become one of the primary vehicles for news consumption, these data suggest the college’s initiative of providing access to the Times  is successful.  Interestingly, when respondents do read the news, around 50% read for general news.  A majority of the respondents were most interested in broad news coverage, but may lack the reading habits to make them regular consumers of print media.

In November, students from Mr. Jordan’s Ethnographies of Work course were also given the opportunity to visit the New York Times offices to participate in a live Webinar with one of the Times’ leading journalists, Christine Haughney. She answered questions from Guttman’s Fast Times N.Y.C. Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Malvey, and from students in the audience.  The Fast Times college newspaper staff was also given a guided tour of the Times’ newsroom.

Watch the webinar:

The New York Times in the First Year Pilot Program was successful in encouraging greater news readership among Guttman students. Mr. Jordan and Mr. Glieden will meet during the spring semester to discuss future partnership initiatives.

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