Guttman Student Produces and Directs His Own Film Series

July 11, 2014 | Student Feature

On July 10, Guttman screened, “The Journey Begins,”
the pilot episode imagefrom the short-film series Repercussions created by second-year Guttman student Bobby Ashley.

Bobby is a Liberal Arts major who has been practicing film professionally since the age of 12. After his first year at Guttman, Bobby began working on Repercussions, a story about an aspiring journalist, Andre. Repercussions is “a mixture of scandal and haves and have-nots,” Bobby states, and brings to light the social issues college students deal with on a daily basis. Andre is dealing with personal issues and in order to move forward, he needs to overcome these obstacles.

image1Bobby wrote, directed, executive produced and edited the screenplay with assistance from Jamal Curtis Jones, a close friend and graduate of City College. Second year Guttman students Michael Crump (Production Assistant) and Shantelle Watkins (Make-Up Artist) also assisted on the set.

A Brooklyn-native, Bobby considers himself an independent artist and a “dream chaser” who wants to change the stereotypes and remind everyone of what his mother reminds him of everyday: “It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re going.” He believes there are levels to success, and he wants to show others how he got to the next level. In the fall, Bobby will continue his education at Brooklyn College to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in film production. He then plans to obtain his Master of Fine Arts from NYU.

Bobby began writing Repercussions in August 2013. The final version of the pilot episode was completed in March 2014. The upcoming series episodes will be available on Bobby’s YouTube channel.

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