Guttman Student Accepted into Kaplan Leadership Program

July 29, 2014 | Student Feature

First year Guttman student Kristina Quiles and Rocio Rosado, Career Advisor in OPCE.

First year Guttman student Kristina Quiles has been accepted into the Kaplan Leadership Program (KLP), part of the Kaplan Educational Foundation. KLP is a highly selective program providing its high-achieving scholars with academic advising, professional development and financial support for the remainder of their time in community college and during both the transfer process and through their graduation from a selective four year institution. “Out of the hundreds of applicants who sought after this scholarship, only eight were selected; this speaks volumes about the quality and potential that our students encompass,” noted Rocio Rosado, Career Advisor in Guttman’s Office of Partnerships and Community Engagement (OPCE).

Growing up in the South Bronx, Kristina is fully immersed in her Latina culture, but going to school in Manhattan has allowed Kristina to build a stronger understanding of the diversity of New York.  Kristina hopes to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in film so she may one day be able to capture the beauty, diversity and complexity of New York City. “If it wasn’t for the OPCE, I would not have learned about this and so many other opportunities. I have been influenced and encouraged to seize any opportunity that comes my way thanks to the OPCE,” noted Kristina, who is delighted to receive this honor.

About the Kaplan Leadership Program

The KPL believes in aiding their scholars by removing barriers that may exist in their paths to successfully achieving their goals. The Foundation works with high-potential associate’s degree students who have a financial need; it provides them with resources and support to help them raise their expectations, expand their personal goals, and eventually attain leadership roles in their professions and communities. Leadership Program students are provided with the targeted help and resources needed to remove obstacles on the road to complete a four-year program and career success.





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