Introducing Luca: Guttman’s Newest Member

August 29, 2014 | Academics, Student Feature


(L-R): Alejandro Lopez, Gulinoz Javodova and Information Technology Professor Parviz Kermani

Luca the robot, a Lego device with its own computer, was built by first-year students Gulinoz Javodova and Alejandro Lopez and Information Technology Professor Parviz Kermani. Luca, a work in progress, is able to self-navigate on its own through a path directed by different colors. The device has a sensor to measure color and distance and can identify hard surfaces such as walls. The hope is that when the project is over, Luca will be able to measure distance and detect other devices around itself and eventually find its own way in and out of a room.

Professor Kermani thought this was a great way to get students engaged in a hands-on project that can be their own. Students learned a lot about programming and project management. “It was great to work alongside the students and see them flourishing,” said Kermani. “They now do not fear the computer the way they did when they first started the IT Program.” Professor Kermani is writing a grant with hopes to start a robotics club/program at Guttman and to pursue independent projects.

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