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Smoothing The Way For Veterans’ Benefits

April 18, 2011 | Uncategorized

Epifanio Rebollo, a Brooklyn College Peace Officer, has also served in war – in Basra, Iraq. Assigned to National Guard Company 442 in Jamaica, he was deployed in June 2009 for fourteen months.

Hotline For Help With Many of Life’s Challenges

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Are challenges in your personal life affecting your peace of mind or your work?

Are you finding it harder to balance work and home?

The University’s Work/Life Program can help.

Counseling to Help With Japan Disaster

April 18, 2011 | Uncategorized

In the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crises, the CUNY Work/Life Program is offering counseling assistance to affected University employees and their relatives here, in Asia and other devastated areas.


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CUNY has updated its workplace violence prevention policy, emphasizing that it will respond promptly to threats and acts of violence.


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Do you know how many of your co-workers took the latest Early Retirement Incentive?

The answer: 667

Some details about who chose the benefit offered by the University in 2010:

Of that number, 281 were faculty members, 141 were non-teaching instructional staff, and 245 were classified staff

Benefits For Part- Time Employees

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If you are a part-time employee you may also be eligible for some benefits. Since CUNY offers so many varied benefits, the specifics of what may be available to part-timers are detailed. So please check with the Human Resources office at your college. That’s an important thing to do to make sure you don’t miss getting a benefit to which you may be entitled.