Benefits For Part- Time Employees

April 18, 2011

“For Your Benefit,” is not a phrase just for full-time CUNY employees.

If you are a part-time employee you may also be eligible for some benefits.  Since CUNY offers so many varied benefits, the specifics of what may be available to part-timers are detailed. So please check with the Human Resources office at your college. That’s an important thing to do to make sure you don’t miss getting a benefit to which you may be entitled.

To give you a general idea of what might be available for you, let’s look quickly at what kind of benefits a non-teaching adjunct, who has worked at least 10 hours a week for two consecutive semesters and has begun a third – not counting winter or summer semesters – might receive:

Health benefits are often what employees ask about first. Our non-teaching adjunct depicted above could get coverage through the PSC-CUNY welfare fund. To be eligible a part-timer may not be covered by another health plan offered through other employment, a spouse or a government entitlement.  For details please see:

Our part-timer would also be able to enroll in the Teachers’ Retirement System. This is a defined benefit plan in which members contribute 3 percent of their gross salaries for the first 10 years. Five years of service credit is required to be vested.

If our part-timer commutes by public transportation to CUNY then the pretax transportation fringe benefit plan offered by WageWorks makes sense.

Our part-timer would also be eligible to enroll in the voluntary, self-pay John Hancock Long-Term Care Insurance and the Marsh Catastrophic Major Medical plans, as well as a tax-deferred annuity, the New York State 457 Deferred Compensation Plan. More information is available at the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund website.

Here are some links for information about these three benefits.

Teachers’ Retirement System               


PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund