OHRM Sponsors Faculty Fellowship Publishers Roundtable

March 22, 2016

The Faculty Fellowship Publication Program (FFPP) began in 1998 as part of the University’s long-term plan to promote pluralism and diversity.  This program assists junior faculty with the design and execution of high quality scholarly publications by bringing untenured faculty together with senior faculty mentors who conduct seminars and serve as writing facilitators and counselors to their junior colleagues.

One of the highlights of the FFPP is an annual Publisher Roundtable where the mentees hear from and meet with publishers to get the inside perspective on publishing—from crafting a proposal that catches the publisher’s attention to creating and polishing a publishable work.  During the most recent Publisher Roundtable held on March 11th at the Graduate Center, this year’s cohort of participants heard from Ken Wissoker, Editorial Director of Duke University Press and Director of Intellectual Publics at the CUNY Graduate Center. Read More >>