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Daryl Hannah Films The Sustainable Life

November 26, 2008 | Sustainable Times

Wilson Rickerson, renewable energy consultant on strengthening the clean energy market, actress Daryl Hannah on dhlovelife.com, her new video blog about the news and trends affecting the sustainable lifestyle and Suri Duitch, Director of Adult and Continuing Education at the City University of New York on how colleges are preparing students for the greener workforce of the 21st Century. Featured Green Artists: Alexa Benoit, Motion V.
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"Honor" and Murder

November 25, 2008 | CUNY Lecture Series, Queens College

For nine decades, Karen Tintori’s ancestors had fiercely guarded the family’s secret. Then, a genealogical query by Tintori unearthed the name of a great-aunt that had mysteriously vanished from her family tree. In “Unto the Daughters: The Legacy of an Honor Killing,” Tintori traces her family’s immigrant Sicilian roots and, along the way, discovers Frances Costa, her grandmother’s sister, who was brutally murdered by her own brothers in a 1920 honor killing in Detroit. “This was something that was buried, hidden and changed so many times to protect the guilty and the innocent,” said Tintori, who read from her book as part of the John D. Calandra Italian-American Institute’s Writers Read Series at Queens College.
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Tales from the Heart

November 25, 2008 | CUNY Lecture Series, Graduate Center

For Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer Stacy Schiff, connecting emotionally with her subjects is essential for writing their life stories. “Rather than a battle, or a historical event, or a political movement, biography has at its center that most fickle, protean, inaccessible and unknowable thing–the human heart,” said Schiff, speaking at the Leon Levy Center for Biography’s first annual lecture at the Graduate Center. Schiff discussed her books, including the 2000 Pulitzer-winning “Vera,” about the wife of author Vladimir Nabokov; “Saint-Exupery: A Biography,” a Pulitzer nominee, and her work in progress, the life and times of Cleopatra.
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Ed Begley Jr.: Green on a Budget

November 25, 2008 | Sustainable Times

Robert Zagaroli III, chairperson of the architectural technology department at the New York City College of Technology on incorporating sustainable resources in CUNY campuses, actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. on living a greener life with low-cost alternatives and Thomas Mclellan, Founder and President of LED Green Power on the next generation of energy-efficient lighting. Featured Green Artists: Betty MacDonald, Scott Krokoff.
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Committee on Fiscal Affairs

November 25, 2008 | Board of Trustees Meetings & Public Hearings

Standing committee meeting of the Board of Trustees, Committee on Fiscal Affairs, Monday, November 24, 2008.

Voices of the People: The Lomax Legacy

November 24, 2008 | Hunter College, Newsmakers

For nearly 20 years the Alan Lomax Collection –the musicologist’s unique library, spanning 50 years of folk music and culture — was housed at the Association for Cultural Equity (ACE) at Hunter College’s MFA building on West 41st Street. Founded by Lomax in 1983, ACE’s goal was to promote every culture’s right to express and develop its distinctive heritage. The original collection, 5,000-plus hours of sound recordings, was acquired in 2004 by the Library of Congress. But Lomax’s daughter, Anna Lomax Wood, is continuing ACE’s work, digitizing the original Lomax recordings in order to share them with local libraries, artists and communities. These “dissemination and repatriation programs are in the spirit” of ACE’s mission, said Wood. “We’re making the research that Alan did available to everyone who wants it.”
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The Continuing Debate over Term Limits

November 20, 2008 | Baruch College, CUNY Lecture Series

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s move to extend term limits was passed by the City Council, signed into law, and prompted legal challenges. In a panel discussion on the controversial proposal, Kenneth Moltner of New Yorkers for Term Limits outlined a key objection to the mayor’s action: “Voters voted not once, but twice, in 1993 and 1996 (against a proposal to extend term limits from two terms to three), so the issue is about respect for their vote.” The panel, at Baruch College, was moderated by former City Council Speaker Peter F. Vallone Sr.
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At Home Abroad with Joe Berger

November 19, 2008 | CUNY Lecture Series, New York City College of Technology

As a veteran reporter for The New York Times, Joseph Berger has written about the city’s immigrants and how newcomers to areas like Astoria, Ditmas Park and East Harlem have improved these neighborhoods. In his book “The World in a City,” published by Ballantine Books in 2007, he took a deeper look at his subjects. “I could do interviews in exotic places like Ecuador, Uzbekistan, Guyana and Ghana simply by getting on the subway for the cost of a Metro card,” said Berger, discussing New York’s changing cultural landscape as part of the Jewish Faculty & Staff Association’s Distinguished Speakers Series at New York City College of Technology.
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Obama's $650 Million

November 18, 2008 | Baruch College, CUNY Lecture Series

Sen. Barack Obama made history with his Presidential win and with his record-breaking $650 million in fundraising — $400 million more than Sen. John McCain. That gap, says Republican strategist Ed Rollins, presents future challenges for the GOP. “When you’re being outspent four or five to one, it is very difficult to make up the numbers you need (to win),” Rollins said at a Baruch College panel discussion, “Politics, Pundits and Polls: Election 2008.” Also participating: Democratic strategist Harold Ickes, pollster Kellyanne Conway and Daily News columnist Errol Louis.
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Contemporary Direction for Graduate Center Gallery

November 14, 2008 | Graduate Center, Newsmakers

Linda Norden, the new director of the Amie and Tony James Gallery at the CUNY Graduate Center, wants the space to be known for contemporary art that wil encourage a new “dialogue to the New York art world and the community within the Graduate Center.” Located in the former B. Altman building, a city landmark at Fifth Avenue and 34th Street, the recently renovated gallery is free and open to the public. Its inaugural show, “People Weekly,” features six contemporary projects that highlight various aspects of the redesign. “I needed artists who had very strong responses to the space,” explained Norden.
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