Going Viral in a Social Marketing World

Overnight, the video clip of Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle went viral. More than 30 million people watched her “Britain’s Got Talent” TV performance, on YouTube alone. Digital marketing leaders want advertisers to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to sell their products to similar-sized audiences. “The primary gateway to content and branded content will be search and social networks.” says Steve Rubel, senior VP of Insights for Edelman Digital. “We need to make sure what we’re creating is relevant and discoverable…we’re redefining how we do public relations.” Rubel was joined by panelists Peter Himler, founder of Flatiron Communications; social media strategist Howard Greenstein, and Les Blatt, former editor/producer for ABC News, and others, at a Baruch College conference, “Yes We Can: Going Viral in a Social Marketing World.”
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