Rhonda Copelon: Champion for Human Rights

October 13, 2009 | CUNY School of Law, Newsmakers

Since graduating from Yale Law School, Rhonda Copelon has dedicated her life to the struggle for human rights, first at the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York, where she litigated civil rights and international human rights cases for 12 years, and then at CUNY Law School where she co-founded the International Women’s Rights Law Clinic in 1992. Under her direction, IWHR has earned wide acclaim and enabled CUNY Law students to participate in groundbreaking human rights advocacy in the U.S. and abroad. Prof. Copelon discusses the clinic’s evolution as well as its current role. “Almost any issue you touch has a gender dimension — it’s often hidden — so what we’re trying to do…is give students an understanding of how to work towards a broader concept of justice that is inclusive.”
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