Disarming Breast Cancer

October 19, 2009 | CUNY Lecture Series, Hunter College

Breast cancer isn’t one disease, but multiple ones, and the type of cancer should be identified before a care plan is set up, says Jill Bargonetti, associate professor of biological sciences at Hunter College and a biology faculty member at the Graduate Center. “We have to do pharmacogenomics to determine what the cancer is before we think about how we’re going to kill it,” she said. “If you use the same treatments without thinking about the genomics of the disease, you might do more harm than good.” In her lecture “Disarming Breast Cancer’s Elusive Molecular Arsenals: How Close Are We?” — part of the Serving Science Cafe series — Bargonetti explains how the focus of her research, the tumor suppressor protein p53, might someday be a common molecular target to help disarm multiple breast cancer types.
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