Immigrants In Between Cultures

November 10, 2009 | CUNY Lecture Series, York College

In 1963, as a teenager fresh out of high school, Elizabeth Nunez came to the United States from Trinidad and began to experience the longing many immigrants have felt as they struggled to adapt amid changing traditional values and cultural upheaval. This theme is at the heart of her latest novel, “Anna in Between,” about a young woman returning home to the Caribbean island of her youth as her mother, battling breast cancer, faces her own mortality. “The genesis of the novel came primarily out of a deep sadness and loss that I felt when i started to write it,” said Nunez, Distinguished Professor of English and provost at Medgar Evers College. The author of five previous novels, Prof. Nunez reads from latest book as part of the Provost Distinguished Scholars Lecture Series at York College.
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