Eggs, and Chickens, Grow in Brooklyn

November 23, 2009 | John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Newsmakers

Raising backyard chickens for eggs is a growing trend as the locavore movement gains ground in the city. But Declan Walsh is taking the process further. “We had been raising layer hens for six years and raising chickens for their meat seemed like a natural progression,” said Walsh, who, when not tending his brood in his Red Hook backyard, is director of community outreach at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Walsh raises the same breed used by commercial hatcheries — Cornish rock broilers — until they are ready for the local slaughterhouse. Walsh, who is organizing an event at the college in December with Just Food, a non-profit working to unite city residents and local farmers, discusses the pros and cons of raising chickens in the city. “It’s easier to find somebody to take care of them than a dog,” said Walsh, “because there’s a built-in incentive — a great egg.”
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