Purr-fect Jobs for Animal Lovers

February 8, 2010 | LaGuardia Community College, Newsmakers

Veterinary work isn’t just playing with puppies, says Dr. Robin Sturtz, director of the Veterinary Technology Program at LaGuardia Community College. In fact, she says, veterinary technology, similar to nursing for humans, is not only scientific but considered by the U.S. Labor Department as one of the top “recession-proof professions” able to withstand economic declines. “We have jobs for every one of our students when they graduate, and most of them get more than one offer,” said Sturtz. A veterinarian, Sturtz said the program — the city’s only fully accredited veterinary technology program — is competitive: Only 48 out of 120 students are accepted into the second, clinical phase. “Sometimes people think that we play with puppies, which we do,” she said, “but this is a science that has as many technologies and advances as in human medicine.”
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