Boosting 2010 Census Participation

April 28, 2010 | Graduate Center, Newsmakers

Nearly one in three Americans neglected to return their 2010 census forms by the April 16 official deadline, according to initial estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. Steven Romalweski, director of CUNY’s Mapping Service at the Graduate Center’s Center for Urban Research, says there are multiple reasons for reluctance to answer the questionnaire. “It might be a community with recent immigrants and there’s maybe mistrust of the government or a language barrier,” explained Romalewski. “You might just forget, or you might be annoyed at the government because it’s tax time and you don’t want to help them out.” Romalewski helped develop the Census 2010 Hard-to-Count Interactive Map, used to boost census participation in historically hard-to-count areas. In an interview, he said that based on feedback, the web-based map has been “helpful.”
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