Chancellor’s Report to the Board of Trustees

February 29, 2012 | The Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Matthew Goldstein updated the CUNY Board of Trustees on the progress of the Pathways project, an initiative is designed to create a curricular structure that will streamline transfers and enhance the quality of general education across the University. Chancellor Goldstein was joined by Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost Lexa Logue. Dr. Logue detailed advancements in the three critical areas of the Pathways initiatives- the establishment of a common core, CUNY-wide entry courses for transfer majors, and to enable students to transfer all electives between colleges. Chancellor Goldstein also reported on the 2012-2016 Master Plan, which seeks to ensure financial stability for the University, to continue to develop an integrated University, to increase the use of data to inform decision making, increased efforts to control quality, and outlines CUNY’s involvement in the economic development of New York City.