Exposing the Perils of Stealth Advertising

January 31, 2017 | Book Beat, Queens College

In today’s online world, it’s becoming harder and harder to distinguish not only between real and fake news but also between news and a cleverly disguised sales job. In “Black Ops Advertising,” Queens College media professor Mara Einstein explores the dark arts of modern mass marketing and how its target – you – can fend off the deception.

Mara Einstein has written about the media industry for 25 years and has also done stints as an executive at NBC, MTV, and major advertising agencies. Now a professor of media studies and founder of the media studies MA program at Queens College, she has authored a number of books. In her latest, ÒBlack Ops Advertising: Native Ads, Content Marketing, and the Covert World of the Digital Sell,Ó she studies the rise of new forms of clandestine selling that blur the lines between editorial content and marketing message, fueled by the imperative to share through social media.